Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tuesday's Good Deed: Growing a Good Tree

It has been a while since I last updated this blog and I have a good reason. I had been gone for the last few days to Houston to volunteer at a Zen Center. One lesson that I learned from my stay at the center was when one of the masters said that the good deeds that we do often don't display their positive effects immediately; it may take days, weeks, months, or even years to observe the full impact of our actions. Therefore, we should always remind ourselves that whatever we set out to do, especially our plan to help people, we need to evaluate our actions from the long-term perspective.

Speaking of good sites, I found this website, GoodTree.com, a while ago through search engine. It is designed like a webpage that you would see on My Yahoo and iGoogle, but its content is geared toward good causes. You can customize the page to your preference once you sign up. Also, they have a search bar that generates donation for your favorite charities every time you do a search on it. Go and check out the site yourself.


  1. Too strange to have found SO many people who are blogging their daily good deeds! I hate it when I'm so arrogant as to think I've come up with an original idea. There ARE no new ideas! WHEW!

    Thanks for posting YOURS here. I hope our combined efforts help inspire others to give back to their communities. Wouldn't it be great if EVERYONE did just a LITTLE more for their communities. EVERY SINGLE PERSON!? Yeah!

  2. Hi Jen, thanks for the comments. Yes, there are a lot of blogs like this, but I think everyone contributes something different to the table. And yes, if everyone does his/her part, we would have a wonderful communities. Your blogs are interesting and I look forward to explore them.