Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sunday's Good Deed: Farmers Market

Have you visited your local farmers market lately? I went to one here in Austin yesterday. It certainly doesn't have the convenience of shopping in a big box grocery store. I had to weather the strong, chilly wind to get there and shop. It also doesn't have the variety of produce and other products that you'd hope for for all your needs. You can only buy certain products and the choice isn't as elaborate or exotic. But that's what defines farmers market: local, fresh, and community. When you shop at the farmers market, you are directly supporting the local farmers and business owners with your purchasing money. Sometimes I also suspect that people go to farmers market not just for the fresh produce or home-made food, but also for the sense of connectedness with the local community. You get to know the family who grow or made your food, the artists, and your neighborhood shoppers. It is weird that most Americans would find going to farmers market as something 'luxurious' because for the most part of the world, like the country that I come from, farmers market is the rule rather than the exception of where local people get their food source. Even though my family has moved away from my childhood neighborhood for more than a decade, my mother still insists to go back to the farmers market there and shop for grocery for a simple reason: She knows the vendors there in person. Whatever that propels you to the farmers market, spend this time with your family and enjoy your experience!

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