Monday, March 2, 2009

Monday's Good Deed: Stop Sending Me Junk!

Sorry about the small fonts on the banner. I cannot find a better banner/logo to put on the blog. I have seen's advertisement in many pro-environmental sites, and until recently, my friend August sent me an email message spreading the words about this website and its service. The website got their inspiration from the fact that an average adult American receives about 41 pounds (!) of junk mails every year. By making one time payment of $41 (well, it is obvious why this amount), claims that it would help you to eliminate 80-95% of your junk mails for 5 years. And on top of that, they will set aside more one third of your fee for a non-profit organization of your choice. Not bad.

However, I still have many reservations about the service. Through my fast skimming of the site, I haven't seen any independent source or environmental authority that supports their claim except for a couple anecdotes from their service users. I will wait for my friend and you to tell me how effective it is before I sink my teeth into this.

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