Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Twittering Your Good Deed: Better than Blogging?

My schedule is getting busier and I haven't been able to find something new to blog about. Recently I found that Twitter may be a way to go for recording one good deed a day. Twitter, of course, is the next big thing many people have been talking about. One upside (and arguably the downside) of twittering is that people just type in some random, mundane stuff online in a sentence or two for anyone who cares to read them. It may not mean much on a daily basis, but it is a good way to keep a record of what you have done daily. This could be a tool to influence others to do good deeds in their life by just 'reminding' them in your twitter message (provided that they do check your message regularly). By doing a search on Twitter you can see that some people are already doing so. Start twittering your good deeds and see whether it would lead to anything.

1 comment:

  1. I would always rather share my thoughts on my blog rather than on Twitter, but I know what you mean. It can often be easier to just tweet it out, and socialise with others.

    Sometimes I think it would be good to copy great stuff from twitter onto my blog to share any amazing stories.