Saturday, March 7, 2009

Saturday's Good Deed: To inspire and be inspired

I went to volunteer at Explore UT (University of Texas) today. It was my first time doing so at this event and I had never seen so many young children and adolescents on UT campus. Explore UT has been advertised to be "the biggest open house in Texas" (and everything is bigger in Texas, as they said). I have been told that as many as 50,000 people of all ages from all corners of Texas would visit UT in a single say. All colleges and academic units were open today to allow K-12 students, teachers, and parents to have a first-hand experience of what a college life looks like for college students and faculty. This university-wide outreach program is not only to inform the Texas community about UT's dedication to the public services and academic excellence, but also to inspire the younger ones to aspire for college. One of the volunteer directors told us that some of the volunteering UT students are here because they came here to explore UT before when they were young children. It is truly encouraging to listen to stories like this. Inspiration can be such a simple and easy thing to do and it can also make a tremendous impact on one's life. Even if you don't have money or other materials to give out, you can always inspire others. If you can't find anything in your life that are inspiring, don't be despair; you can always find inspirational stories from other sources to share them with others. My earlier entry on the story of Liao Fan is a perfect example. Of course, we need to be inspired ourselves to keep us moving forward everyday. So start to be inspired and to inspire others!

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